KR Education Solutions is passionate about aiding companies and educational institutions with the new landscape of delivering education and training to those that most need it. In doing so, we are experts in the following fields and continually broaden our horizons to deliver fit for purpose, current and future solutions for you to deliver training.


To mention some but not limited to the following areas:

  • CPD management and rollout. KR Education Solutions build and continuously improve our own platforms build for an African - South African landscape to deliver and manage Continuous Professional Development in various industries.
  • Our LMS is developed to aide applicants through the process and for Educators to equally manage and track academic progress and deliver reports to all regulatorily bodies.
  • eLearning platforms have been around and now a must for all institutions. KR Education build and manage different solutions, based on your landscape, needs and delivery.
  • Content Creation can be a daunting task, but with the best subject matter experts and oversight KR Education can minimise to scale of anxiety when embarking on new programme development.
  • Converting content into eLearning friendly, measurable, ready to rollout content on your eLearning platform.
  • Recruiting the ideal candidate for your learning programme is challenging especially if you receive high volumes of applications each period. KR Education specialise in recruiting, supporting and assessing applicants from start to enrolment. This process allows institutions to focus on the programme rollout and academics. This process have shown excellent throughput and retention with all our clients.
  • KR Education strives to aide and guide individuals applicants to reach their dreams. This comes in the form of aiding applicants to redo Matric subjects to receive entry into Higher Education or even by delivering an institutional recognised academic development programme to ensure adequate foundation and skill to complete qualification enrolment.

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